The Psychological Adjustments of Retirees

Retirement pic


Barry Kornfeld helps retirees plan for their financial matters through his company First Financial Tax Group. This focus correlates with Barry Kornfeld’s interest in the psychology of seniors, something on which he takes continuing professional education.

One of the most pressing concerns as people approach retirement age is financial security, so much so that people tend to equate retirement preparation with amassing wealth. However, a smaller percentage of people consider the psychological implications of retirement.

Professionals who have been working their entire adult lives may find the transition difficult for a number of reasons. For those who have come to be associated with their jobs, there is the impending loss of career identity. The workplace is also a source of one’s social life, so severing ties with people who have become part of one’s support network can prove to be a challenge. For some people, their jobs keep them active physically and intellectually, so they are presented with the challenge of looking for activities that can keep them stimulated. While some people can easily adjust to these changes, psychologists have found that other people can experience depression and anxiety.


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