The Reliability and Yield Advantages of FPCM Notes

stocks and bonds

stocks and bonds


Respected Florida financial advisor Barry M. Kornfeld leads First Financial Tax Group in Boca Raton. He offers clients a full range of retirement advice and income planning services. At the core of Barry Kornfeld’s offerings are first position commercial mortgage notes, or FPCMs, which are designed as fixed income alternatives that offer a safer pathway to monthly income.

Also known as secured bridge loans, FPCMs provide a reliable route toward predictable 6 percent returns over a one-year period, with interest paid on a monthly basis. Secured through insured property that acts as collateral, FPCMs are not subject to the fluctuations experienced with portfolio strategies such as stocks and bonds.

This type of loan is particularly valued for its combination of principal stability, high yields and short duration. This can free up funds for discretionary use once the one-year term has ended. Because the commercial mortgages have hard assets at their foundation, they provide lenders with peace of mind. Should a default occur, the property will simply be foreclosed on and the funds used in securing the loan recouped by the commercial lending firm that sponsors the transactions. Importantly, monthly payments and full principal redemption are contractual obligations of the commercial lending firm that Kornfeld uses for these transactions, even if the underlying property owner defaults. Importantly, the commercial lending firm that Kornfeld uses for these transactions, will have a second lien position in every FPCM that is offered, which is subordinate to all first lien positions. So, they can’t get their money out, until all FPCM clients get theirs out first.


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