Shriners Hospitals for Children Combats Bullying with CutTheBull

CutTheBull pic


Barry M. Kornfeld is a financial advisor who, alongside his wife, leads First Financial Tax Group with more than 50 years of combined experience. Beyond his responsibilities at the Florida-based company, Barry Kornfeld supports the Shriners Hospitals for Children, which promotes anti-bullying initiatives through its CutTheBull campaign.

Bullying is a serious problem in schools across the country, and the National Center for Education reports that one in four US students will experience bullying. The numbers increase for children with disabilities due to the perceived differences between them and students who are not disabled. Furthermore, studies indicate that most incidents of bullying go unreported. Without intervention, bullying can cause depression, anxiety, and poor academic performance for children who are targets of the behavior.

Shriners Hospitals for Children’s CutTheBull campaign focuses on addressing bullying and promotes acceptance of children with disabilities. The campaign consists of three primary components: respect, reach out, and respond. It begins by inspiring children to look beyond their differences and see the potential in others while reaching out to those on the receiving end of bullying. Additionally, the campaign encourages children to become advocates for those who have been bullied and to report incidents of bullying they witness.

CutTheBull provides a number of community resources that include anti-bullying tip cards and a tool kit designed to empower children and anti-bullying supporters. The tool-kit promotes advocacy and offers guidance on igniting discussions on bullying prevention. Resources also include articles written by Shriners Hospitals for Children authorities on bullying and its effect on children with disabilities.


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